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martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Norway's Colours

I was looking the white clouds through the aeroplane window when I started to close my eyes because of the tiredness. It was a long voyage from Spain to Norway and I was not patient but the views entertain me with a lovely dream: I felt small pieces of snowflakes freezing my skin and melting in my eyelashes and my lips. I openned the mouth and I tasted it, It seams to be like a mix of water iced drink with some unknown substance that makes the snow special. I openned the eyes. At the bottom the Nordic snow-capped mountains. I closed the mouth because the snow was sensitizing my teeths. I began to walk on the frozen snowing and crunchy floor . The black nude  and tall trees were scraching my body with their cutting arms . I touched the rough and hard bark with dry dark the ivy climbing the top of the trees and falling down the pacific dark lakes floating like water lillies decorating the blackness of water. The gust provocated a light landslide of snow and it produces blinding mist. I was sitting on a trunk at dusk while the northern lights appears with the sliding silvery moon reflected on water. It was lovely, the sky was painted of blue, pink purple and green colour with wave-shaped and with the wolf's howls, Sooner..

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Natalia Ortiz dijo...

Guau, jaja, en inglés y todo. Me gusta. ¡Y las imágenes de Noruega son realmente impresionantes! Una buena forma de ver lugares tan bellos y lejanos jeje. Gracias por compartirlo :) Y muchas gracias por hacerte seguidora de mi blog. El tuyo tiene muy buena pinta, así que te sigo =) Un saludo